Baptism Musings

Sun streams in the stained-glass windows, creating mottled patterns of red and purple on the faces of the people standing in front of the sanctuary. One of them holds a baby girl in a lace dress and tights, a tiny corsage on each shoe. “By what name will you call this child?” the minister asks, … Continue reading Baptism Musings


Thinking about numbers

24 April 2018 I’ve always loved the number 24. The first of a series of even numbers, pairs, couples. Two and four always, by their very nature, have a partner in 1 and 3. Never alone. My sister’s birthday is the 24th, today, and I was always envious of her when we were kids. My … Continue reading Thinking about numbers

Who are you calling “deplorable”?

Dear Hillary, You have no right to call anyone “deplorable”, not half of the Trump supporters, not even a tenth, not one. Deplore their actions or their values if you want, but to call citizens of this country “deplorable” insults them and tramples on their fundamental rights. It is definitely not Presidential. I am a … Continue reading Who are you calling “deplorable”?